Embrace Your Psychic/Intuitive Self


This half-day workshop is for those who wish to share and hear experiences and abilities with like-minded people. It will offer you reassurance, comfort, and confidence in realizing you are not alone and normal to have extra senses.  Paul and Maria will be sharing their experiences to bring you more understanding and reassurance.

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ALL of us were born with Intuition.  It Is Who We Are.  However, the journey of self-acceptance presents challenges for so many of us. 

  • Do you find yourself hiding your psychic or medium experiences for fear of being shamed or mocked by your family/friends?
  • Does being “Psychic” make you uneasy?
  • Does your Faith Tradition or education keep you from accepting or fostering your natural psychic abilities?”

Well… YOU are NOT alone!

Topics of discussion will include:

  • The variety of different psychic senses and abilities that you and others may have
  • The types of cultural forces that prompt you to live secretly with your natural gifts and getting past them
  • How you no longer have to live in secret with your natural gifts
  • Positive ways to live every day with your psychic/intuitive gifts
  • Learning to acknowledge, accept and manage your psychic/intuitive connections in a positive manner

How much you share is up to you.  Everything you say and hear is confidential and stays in the room.   Seating is Limited!!


No refunds, credits or transfers are available in the event of client-canceled reservations.

MH Spiritual Center
100 Cummings Center| Suite 426-C |Beverly| MA
12:00 Noon – 4:00 PM| Doors open at 6:30pm

100 Cummings Center, Suite 426-C
Beverly, MA 01915


Please note that Cummings Center is a large complex, we encourage that you leave plenty of time to park and get to the office. Please Park in the space the directions specify!!
· As you enter the complex:
· Maria’s office is located in the 1st Bldg- 100 Cummings Center
· As you come in to the center pass the Guard House and go straight
· You MUST park near the 135-Q Door on the Right. You will see a green flag on the building with the number 135-Q
· Enter 135-Q –go straight down the hallway and take the 2nd Elevator (#136-F) on your left.
· Take elevator to the 4th Fl.
· Take a Left off the elevator
· Go down the hallway and then take a Right
Follow the hallway thru a set of double doors (they are open)
· Office is the first one (after the double doors) on the right