Family Sessions


Price is per group of 3-4 (maximum) family members only. Maria spends approximately 90 minutes with the family group at her office in the Cummings Center, Beverly MA.  You may record your session on your phone or any other recording device you may have.





MH Spiritual Center
100 Cummings Center|Suite 426-C| Beverly| MA

A question that is consistently asked before group readings is, “Does anything bad happen?” The answer is absolutely NO. ​​​”I am blessed to work with Spirit in a loving way,” Maria says. “In all my years of working as a Medium, I can honestly say that the experiences have always been positive for both the sitter and myself. Readings can be emotional, due to the healing energy that Spirit brings through.”


Please note that Maria typically books three to six months in advance. To request a list of available dates, please email


No refunds,transfers or credits are available for client-canceled Family Sessions.