Spirit Gatherings & Private Readings

“I’ve never met a Spirit I didn’t like!”

A question that is consistently asked before private or group readings is, “Does anything bad happen?” The answer is absolutely NO.

“I am blessed to work with Spirit in a loving way,” Maria says. “In all my years of working as a Medium, I can honestly say that the experiences have always been positive for both the sitter and myself. Readings can be emotional, due to the healing energy that Spirit brings through.”

Grieving the loss of a loved one is different for every individual. Spirit communication does not replace the grieving process. It CAN provide a level of comfort that your loved ones are still with you, as well as a sense of closure.  They want you to experience joy and happiness while you are here on Earth.

Spirit Gatherings

Maria travels all over New England and beyond for Spirit Gatherings.  You can schedule a Spirit Gathering at your private home or at Maria’s office in Beverly, MA.  Gatherings require a minimum of 6 people/maximum of 10 people. Each person receives a personal message in a group setting.  Individuals may take notes, recording is not allowed. As always, people can expect a comfortable and peaceful setting for Spirit communication.

For complete details and to schedule a Spirit Gathering, please contact Pamela, Business Manager, at admin@mariahalvorsen.com or 978-969-0535.


Gathering held at Beverly office: $70 per person | Gathering held at private home: $80 per person


Family Sessions

(for groups of up to 4 family members)
Held at Maria’s office in Beverly, MA. Maria spends approximately 90 minutes with the family group. You may record your session with your phone or other recording device.

Cost: $400



Hour-Long Private Individual Readings

(Up to 2 people)

1 hour private sessions are held at Maria’s office in Beverly.  You may record your session with your phone or other recording device.

Maria also offers phone and skype readings.

Cost: $250