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Explore Spirit – A Mediumship Demonstration

Companies and organizations can hire Maria to lead Explore Spirit events at locations of their choice. Maria has a wonderful ability to connect with people in a respectful and compassionate manner while bringing forth evidential messages of Love, Hope and Faith from Spirit. Explore Spirit demystifies the process of mediumship, giving audiences a clearer understanding of how Spirit Communication is possible.

Due to the number of people that attend Explore Spirit events, Maria is not able to reach everyone in attendance with a personal message. However, she does hope for everyone to leave with a sense of peace and comfort knowing that their loved ones are in a place of harmony.

The hiring organization handles all logistics surrounding Explore Spirit events, including marketing and ticket sales. For more information on how to book Maria for an Explore Spirit event, please email Wendy at admin@mariahalvorsen.com.


November 15th  | 5:30-7:30pm
420 Reservoir Avenue
Revere| MA
For complete details and registration information, please contact:
 Regina Guardino
Marketing Director