Classes/Workshops- Due to COVID 19 All Classes Will be Conducted Via ZOOM

Maria provides a variety of classes and workshops via zoom. She hopes that all the programs that are offered assist individuals in developing and strengthening their own unique intuitive abilities so that they feel more empowered to move forward positively on their own unique spiritual journey.

Mediumship Development

Maria Halvorsen|Spiritual Medium/Psychic & Teacher

Monday Evenings 7-9 PM

Session 1 September 14th~October 26th (NO class on October 12th)

Session 2 November 2nd ~ December 7th

Maria takes a fresh approach in communicating with the Spirit World and believes that how we live our lives here has a direct correlation to how we work with Spirit. Join Maria for a journey of self-discovery where you will learn more about your intuitive/psychic abilities as well as Spirit Communication.

This is an intensive 6 week Mediumship Development class for individuals who are working on and committed to building their confidence and strengthening their connection with Spirit.

Psychic Mediumship Class for Beginners

Maria Halvorsen|Spiritual Medium/Psychic & Teacher

Tuesday Evenings ~ 7-9pm
Session I ~ September 15th ~ October 27th
Session II ~ November 3rd ~ December 8th
We are all Psychic!!! This is for individuals who are interested in learning how to strengthen their psychic/intuitive abilities and connection with Spirit energy. Through meditation and many interactive exercises, you will learn to deepen your psychic connection so that you may gain the confidence you need to trust when you are getting psychic impressions, and/or symbols for yourself or another individual. You will have the opportunity to give readings to fellow classmates in order to learn how to convey a message in a confident and responsible way.
This 6~week online class is for those who are just beginning to explore their psychic/mediumistic abilities and for those who would like to sharpen their abilities and become more comfortable. Practicing your psychic/intuitive abilities in a supportive and positive environment is one of the most important things you can do for your development.


~ How To Build a Strong and Evidential Message with Spirit ~

Maria Halvorsen|Spiritual Medium/Psychic & Teacher

New Dates Coming Soon!

The main purpose of Mediumship is to prove the continuity of life by linking in with Spirit (Loved Ones) who has passed over into the Spirit World.

As a Medium, our main responsibility is to trust and remain neutral in order to create a strong link with Spirit. This allows the flow of energy to be strong so that we as a Medium can identify and pick up as much evidential information from Spirit in order to share this with the sitter.

This is an intensive 4 week class for Mediums that are working to build on their message work. This class will teach you to develop a focused approach when working with Spirit. You will learn to establish a stronger connection with Spirit and “hold” the energy in order to identify specifically who you are communicating with and receive key information that you can pass on to the person receiving the message. Also, Maria will be coordinating two groups of 20-25 people in order for you to have the opportunity to practice your message work with a larger audience.

Pre-requisite: You must have a least 1 year experience sitting in a Mediumship/Psychic development class to attend this class.

An Introduction to Shamanic Spirituality and it’s Practice of Journeying

~ by Paul McCormick, Ph.D.

Sunday|November 3rd|1-4:30pm

If you love nature, resonate and renew in it, can feel close with animals or plants or trees, revere the earth or the skies, then you will feel like you are coming home with the spirituality and practices of Shamanism.

At the core of shamanic spirituality is the practice of Journeying.  We are not alone but are accompanied by our many helping Spirits as we seek healing, wisdom, and direction in life.  Journeying is the practice of meeting and hearing these helping Spirits; making Journey contact with them is a main goal of this afternoon workshop.  You will be taught how to do Journey meditation and have the chance to journey three times during the afternoon.

In this 3 and ½ hour workshop about shamanic nature-based spirituality and its core Journey practice, there will be teaching, question & answer, personal practicing, and optional sharing.  There will be some reverent drumming and rattling and an explanation why it is done.   The tradition of Core Shamanism via anthropologist Michael Harner will be used as our knowledge source.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket, eye bag or bandana, notebook and pen.  If you have a drum or rattle, please bring it to use; if you don’t have one there will be some to borrow if you wish.

Embrace your Psychic/Intuitive Self

Maria Halvorsen, Spiritual Medium/Psychic Paul McCormick Ph.D.

New Dates Coming Soon | 12Noon – 4PM | Program Fee~ $50

This half-day workshop is for those who wish to share and hear experiences and abilities with like-minded people. It will offer you reassurance, comfort, and confidence in realizing you are not alone and normal to have extra senses.  Paul and Maria will be sharing their experiences to bring you more understanding and reassurance.

Maria has an extraordinary ability to link directly with Spirit in a down to earth and compassionate manner. She hopes her understanding of and connection with Spirit will bring you to a place of peace and harmony.

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