Embrace Spirit, Discover the Afterlife

The energy and compassion of renowned spiritual medium Maria Halvorsen draws audiences in as she delivers messages of Love, Hope & Faith. Her extraordinary ability to link directly with Spirit and her unique, down-to-earth approach creates an uplifting and authentic experience that extends far beyond what the eye can see. Maria provides life-changing, evidential proof that our loved ones are always with us.

Maria’s life was forever altered almost two decades ago due to a profound encounter with a medium and the Spirit world. That experience set her on her spiritual journey and opened her eyes to the realization that life is continuous. Read more about Maria’s personal journey.

Since then, Maria made the decision to dedicate her life to working with Spirit. She is devoted to sharing her knowledge and understanding of life after death through classes, workshops, and public demonstrations.

“Grieving the loss of a loved one is different for every individual. Spirit communication does not replace the grieving process one must go through. However, it can provide a level of comfort and a sense of peace that your loved ones are still with you. They want you to experience joy and happiness while you are here on earth; therefore, any opportunity Spirit can lend their guidance and support… they will!”
~ Maria Halvorsen

Kind Words from Clients

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